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Accompany your empanada with something delicious! Here's it all!

July 12, 2021

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Accompanying the empanadas.

That's great! we already have the best empanadas and empanadillas but now is the time to know what do I accompany my empanadas with?

Here we are to tell you the best accompaniments and the most appetizing sauces to add to our delicious empanadas and 100% homemade dumplings.

Also, I would like to know your opinion, tell me what you accompany them.

Let's go! Let's start with classifying according to the type of empanadas.

  • If you prepare some salted dumplings or small salty empanadas,it is best to accompany them with:
    • Obviously, you need a preparation of chili, chimichurri or sauce, your favorite, to enhance that bomb of flavors that you have in your hands.
    • A refreshing drink if you live in hot areas. In my case I usually take them with a juice or juice, cold and fresh oatmeal or even a very cold beer.
    • If on the contrary, you are in a cold area of the world. A hot drink will be your best ally, I usually combine them in the winter seasons with chocolate, hot oatmeal, coffee (with / without milk).
soft drinks to accompany with empanadas
Drinks to accompany a good empanada.
  • If you prepare some sweet dumplings or small sweet empanadas, accompany them with:
    • Enjoy them only with your favorite drink,that's why they are a fun variant to prepare.
    • A sauce if and only if, with the filling is a good mixture.
  • Another option is, if you have large empanadas,you have another larger fan. For example:
    • Cook a Galician empanada and salad to accompany.
  • Empanadas alone! You don't need anything else to get the day going, just share them with your loved ones.

As I said, I would very much like you to tell me what you accompany your empanadas with.

Sauce and chili peppers for empanadas.

  • Prepare Chili.
  • Prepare chimichurri.
  • Prepare yogurt hot sauce with cilantro.
  • Prepare guasacaca sauce.
  • Prepare garlic sauce.
  • Prepare tucumana sauce. (yasgua)
sauces for dumplings, tomato sauce, mayonnaise sauce, mayonnaise sauce, ketchup, tartare sauce, pepper sauce, pink sauce, ali olí sauce, sauces for dumplings
Sauces and chili peppers with which to accompany the empanadas and empanadillas.

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