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Do you know all the empanadas? Trending recipes in 2021.

July 8, 2021

Here I leave you my collection of recipes so you can make all the empanadas or empanadillas that you want to share with your closest friends.

Tell me which one you liked the most at the end of the post. Best regards!

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Ey Houston!

Nos ilusiona que estés aquí!
Tengo que decirte antes algo... El horno tardó mucho en calentar y no todas las empanadas están hechas.

Terminaremos pronto, disculpa la molestia... Y si quieres puedes decirnos cual más quieres tú!


The best empanadas and empanadillas come out of my kitchen!



meatloaf, savory empanada

Fish and seafood empanadas.

  • Recipe of traditional Galician empanada.
  • Tuna and tomato empanada recipe.
  • Recipe for canned bonito empanada.
  • Shrimp pie recipe.
  • Hake pie recipe.
  • Prawn pie recipe.
  • Octopus empanada recipe.
  • Recipe for shrimp empanada in arrabiata sauce.

Meatless empanadas.

crispy pineapple pie
  • Mushroom and cheese patty recipe.
  • Spinach empanada recipe.
  • Spinach and cottage cheese empanada recipe.
  • Caprese empanada recipe.
  • Jalapeno empanada recipe.
  • Leek and mushroom pie recipe.
  • Hawaiian empanada recipe.
  • Recipe for candied pear pie.
  • Zucchini empanada recipe.
  • Onion pie recipe.
  • Recipe for tomato empanada, mozzarella cheese and albaca.
  • Textured soy pie recipe.
  • Recipe for pisto and tofu empanada.
  • Recipe for teff empanada stuffed with stew.
  • Spinach rolls empanada recipe.
  • Pine pie recipe.
  • Recipe for lentil and rice empanada.
  • Recipe for portobello mushroom empanada.

Empanadas of the world and very original empanadas.

  • Recipe for empanada from Jaiba (Mexico).
  • Recipe for empanada guacha (Argentina).
  • Recipe for Empanada Anquioqueña (Colombia).
  • Recipe of empanada salteña. (Bolivia).
  • Recipe for empanada de humita (Argentina).
  • Recipe of empanada of Cordon Bleu (Tropical countries).
  • Recipe for empanada de pipián (Colombia).
  • Recipe for empanada de viento (Ecuador).
  • Recipe for Canarian trout empanada (Spain).
  • Recipe for spanakopita empanada (Greece).
  • Recipe for tiropita empanada (Greece).
  • Kotopita empanada recipe (Greece).
  • Arabic empanada recipe.
  • Panzerotti empanada recipe (Italy – Apulia).
  • Italian Calzone recipe. (Italy).
  • Panada recipe. (Italy).
  • Cornish pasty recipe (UK).
  • Börek empanada recipe (Romania/Turkey).
  • Recipe for placinta empanada cu mere – Apple pie (Romania).
  • Recipe for placinta empanada from Bihor (Romania).
  • Schnitzel empanada recipe (Romania)
  • Viennese schnitzel empanada recipe (Austria).
  • Recipe for pirozhki (pirožki) patty (Russia).
  • Suböreği pie recipe (literally "water börek"). (Turkey).
  • Recipe for Chinese gyoza empanada (China).
  • Japanese gyoza pie recipe (Japan).
  • Korean mandu empanada recipe (Korea).
  • Recipe for sweet banana dumplings, dulce de leche and walnut.
  • Recipe for fried apple pie.
  • Recipe for raspberry empanada, apples, strawberries and agraz.
  • Robiols empanada recipe.
  • Nutella pie recipe.
  • Sweet empanada recipe with tangerine cream.
  • Peach pie recipe.
  • Chopped karnevil empanada recipe.
  • Recipe of empanada suitable for celiacs.

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